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Bespoke Bedroom Furniture

The creation of beautiful furniture is an art form in itself. Designing each splendorous detail, considering every angle, and carefully handcrafting each smooth curve of the wood. Sadly, the prominence of large furniture retail stores, has led to a mass production of poorly crafted furniture, identical to their millions of other counterparts. Fortunately, design isn’t dead, and here at Christian Blakes Furniture, we’re raring to create beautiful bespoke furniture, to infuse homes everywhere with pieces as unique and individual as their inhabitants.

At Christian Blakes Furniture, we are dedicated to providing the best bespoke wooden furniture for you, and you only. Each of our pieces are handmade with meticulous precision and care. You’ll be involved within the production throughout the entire process, and are welcome to see your furniture during manufacture if you so wish.

Christian Blake will personally visit your home to get a feel for the area within which your furniture will sit, giving him the ideal opportunity to design pieces which best complement your intentions, tastes, and environment. Offering advice where necessary, together you’ll be able to devise innovative design plans towards achieving your dream furniture. As talented furniture designers and manufacturers, this initial consultation and advice which we offer, comes at no charge.

After a design has been established, we will then set to work expertly carving and constructing, bringing together unique and astonishing furniture, to really set your home alive. Using the finest sustainable hardwoods and veneers, our team will professionally handcraft every aspect, right down to the minor details, which we consider so important in the creation of truly unique, high quality furniture.

Within our own workshop, we’ll tenderly create every single design to perfection, before delivering the final result right to your doorstep. Committed to bringing each household a slice of beauty and uniqueness, you can finally receive both affordable and stunning bespoke furniture, to make your house a truly special place.